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LET US DISCOVER SEVERAL CURIOSITIES (Abstract), an eclectic website devoted only to curiosities.
1) Sun and mountains:

In the french south east alps, the sun is present about 300 days a year. But mountains create hudge shadows; in consequence, large parts of the area are without sun during some parts of the days. Results of computations in this field are presented.


2) A familial document:

In 1932, Georges LEROY  was affiliated to a group of french pacifists which,  in connection with german pacifists,  tried to avoid a second world war. This chapter of the website shows unpublished documents, data about this unsuccessfull initiative.

3) Litterature about a small village of the french Alps:

This is a compilation of the litterature written about the village of Freissinières, near of Briançon (Htes Alpes). 

4) Sparetimes in mountain:

A private collection of photographies is the pretext to recall  activities which can be carried out in mountains and backcountries: hiking, bivouac, cooking in open air, woodcutting, etc...

5) Positioning of solar cells: A perhaps original method for optimization of the  power received by solar cells.
If you wish some explanation or translation, you can mention it  to . Note that only part 4,Sparetimes in mountains,is commented in english).

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